Too much trading information out there?

  • Confused about what you should be focusing on?
  • Unclear about your trading plan ... if you have a plan, that is?
  • Your account graph is heading south-east?

Simplify things and follow a proven plan...

  • Here we have everything for you. A plan, a system, and a direction. 
  • Learn in a step-by-step controlled manner and watch your trading improve dramatically.
  • Join the many many traders who have taken that step.

Or you can waste your time chopping and changing, system-hopping, and basically going nowhere fast..!!

Module 1 - FREE..!!

Black Dog Basic - FREE

As a Black Dog member here's what you'll learn:

  • Learn how to use our three strategies (NO confusion & NOT all at once).
  • How to identify the trend - the Black Dog trend. Trade with the majority.
  • Find exactly where and when to enter trades. Much safer and NOT 'winging it.'
  • Understand how to manage the trade and how to exit. Several strategies.
  • Learn the many trading tips, tricks, tactics, and advice. These will help enormously.
  • Learn how to use ALL your trading tools so it becomes second nature.

 As a Black Dog member here are your extras:

  • Plenty of downloads for you. 
  • Join our Trading Room in Mod 7. Interact with other traders.
  • Non-BD indicators for download. A few selected indicators for your use.
  • Plenty to keep you occupied. Our library is worth the cost alone..!!
  • A fourth great system. The Trimac is good. ALL the BD systems are good.
  • Dedicated Support. Skype, e-mail (with Teamviewer if required), and the Trading Room.









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The Serious

For those who are serious about their trading and want to progress with three superb trading strategies.

The Stayers

For those who see it through to the end and become a valued member of the Black Dog community.

The Beginners

Ideal for those starting out on their trading journey. Plenty of support and assistance to help you through.

Those let down

By other trading systems. Or they were just not your style in the way that you trade. We can help you there.


The Blamers

Blame the data feed, the broker, the account size, the system, the pc, the cat, the wife, anyone..!!

The Quitters

You either want to trade or you don't, there is no half-way house. Make money or make excuses.?

The Inactive

Someone who isn't serious about achieving their potential. Would rather play computer games.


Seen for five minutes, then gone for twelve months. Not the type of trading buddy we'd like on our side.

Get to Know How The Black Dogs Really Work...!!

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