Black Dog Trades 12.12.14

Someone mentioned that I should post more often on this blog, especially Black Dog Trades, but the problem is time. I just never seem to have enough of that commodity at the moment. One small way to get around that posting problem is to show the occasional trade that I manage to squeeze in during the week. Things are looking up though as I am beginning to find the time for at least one trade per day – depending on the state of the markets of course. Some of the boys in our Trading Room are doing quite well lately on the indices and oil but I must stay with the forex pairs for the time being. I don’t want too many charts open.

Well, I actually managed two trades today (Friday) the first being on the EURJPY for a nice 21 pips trading down to the BRN support level. This was about 10:30 my time, after the trade I closed the charts and waited for the NY session to get going. For people reading this that have no idea what the BRN is please get your Black Dog Basic for FREE using the link to the right. A fine and dandy tool which will help you enormously.

Anyway, back to Friday’s trade above.

This was the second trade of the day on the AUDUSD M15 and produced a very nice 35 pips before I knocked off trading for the weekend. There was a second AU trade later but it’s not often I enter trades that late in the day.

So what contributed to the trading decision? I trade, what for me, is the best strategy in the universe – BDQF. Our XL indicator was saying short trades only, don’t even think about going long. Taken together with our LT indicator which was turning down it was just a matter of finding the exact entry point, the exact price that we want. We also have an excellent means of achieving this too, described fully inside this website for our members.

Stop size and target price are also suggested by our tool although the target I had in mind was at a previous support level 35 pips away. With these set I was dragged out shopping! Although I did have ultimate confidence in my strategy I was in a bit of a rush to get back and see how things had developed, I needn’t have worried.

Things to take into account with the BDQF:

  • The overall XL trend – trade in this direction only
  • The LT trend – start looking for an entry
  • Trade when those two agree, above
  • Use our HiLo for the exact price
  • Use the ATR for stop size and target price…
  • … or Support and Resistance levels/areas
  • Bingo..!!

The trading decision can be made in around ten seconds or less, with practice and experience. Not to mention a generous serving of Patience and Discipline. This is the most simple and easiest trading strategy that I have ever used, bar none. It is also the most profitable.

Let’s hope there are some more Black Dog Trades like this one next week.

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