Black Dog Dax Trades 27.01.16

Wow – how time flies. This post was penned a couple of days after the Dax trades were taken – then I forgot about it..!! Not good. So, apologies for that. The busy life of a trader, hey? Quick Catchup I thought that I would catch up on a few things as I’m not trading…

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Trend trading: 3 ways to trade the trend

The Best Way to Trade

That may be a bold headline and possibly difficult to back up with cold hard facts, but week after week we at Black Dog, and especially in our Trading Room, enjoy some great profits trading our methods and have possibly found the best way to trade. Later in this post I’ll show the trades from…

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How to Trade Dax

The Dax, or Deutscher Aktienindex (German stock index), is fast becoming my favourite of all time, I just love trading it. Often, I am in and out like an English batsman but unlike that batsman, I have 20, 30, 40, and often 50 pips to my name in a relatively short space of time. Very rarely…

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Dow 14.01.15 on the M5

Trading the Dow Jones

Trading the Dow Jones Index with Black Dog is exactly the same as trading forex. The tools that we use allows for this although with greater risk comes greater reward. The Dow can be a tricky customer when it starts to move at a great rate of knots and much care is needed as it…

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EURJPY M15 - Thursday

Black Dog DAT’s 18.12.14

In what has turned out to be a very good week or two of Black Dog trading this EJ trade closed Thursday’s trading with a very nice 52 pips. Most of the morning was a typical London session with not very much to shout about so no trades there. The first trade was a very…

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Black Dog Trades 12.12.14

Someone mentioned that I should post more often on this blog, especially Black Dog Trades, but the problem is time. I just never seem to have enough of that commodity at the moment. One small way to get around that posting problem is to show the occasional trade that I manage to squeeze in during…

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