Dow 14.01.15 on the M5

Trading the Dow Jones

Trading the Dow Jones Index with Black Dog is exactly the same as trading forex. The tools that we use allows for this although with greater risk comes greater reward. The Dow can be a tricky customer when it starts to move at a great rate of knots and much care is needed as it can turn on a dime.

This is why we have a single module devoted to Trade Management within the Black Dog Program with the emphasis on the first golden rule of trading, ‘Protect thy Wad’. Two really good days of Black Dog trading have produced well over 130 pips so far for this week. Monday wasn’t too shabby either although I missed a couple of the good moves through not being at the screen.

Just to confirm that I do trade all my instruments on the M5 (5 minute) time frame, and most trades are over and done with in around four or five candles – let’s say no more than half an hour per trade. That’s the way I like it otherwise any trade will be open to the foibles of the market where anything can happen.

In the trade above I did enter a little early but within fourteen minutes had hit my target price at 17360 which was the support area just to the left. I can’t explain it but the trade was closed at the price of 17359 which was one pip below the target price, perhaps the market jumped past the TP and closed at the next opportunity. I don’t really know. In the hope of making more pips down to the next support level I would have had to endure a 45-pip pullback which my tender constitution probably could not take! Just glad that I didn’t attempt it, and the target price did its job although the system did generate another short signal.

I’d been trading our MTF2 for most of last year and until the beginning of last December (ish). Before then it was the old Quick Fix. For the last six weeks or so the (renamed) BDQF has been excellent in signalling trades and getting me into the right moves proving its worth time and time again. The BDQF is a must-have for those who are serious in trading the forex, indices, metals, or commodities markets. Trading the Dow Jones and Dax, which are my preferred indices, plus four forex pairs, are always open on my screen though I rarely have two or more trades running.

Some of the boys in our Trading Room are making a killing on the WTI and Brent oil markets and good luck to them. The Russel and Gold are also traded. No matter what is traded on MT4 – the Black Dogs will do the biz.

There’s no need for me to prattle on much more in this short blog post except to repeat what has just been written, and repeated many times elsewhere – in that no matter what chart you pull up with Metatrader and using the Black Dogs you can trade ANY chart and ANY time frame with success.

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