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3 Superb Tools We Use Every Day

Any good website that has trading the markets as its main theme will talk about trading with the trend. And rightly so. Use our 3 superb tools and you will not be be placing your account under immense strain by trading against the trend.

3 Superb Tools

In this post we’ll mention 2 of the 3 superb tools we use every day to determine the trend. You must bear in mind that we can alter our trend tools to tell us the short, long, or extra-long term trends, thus setting our tools to our trading style.

The other tool that is mentioned suggests to us where to place our stops, and maybe target price, plus the size of a trailing stop if we should wish to use one. This tool is the ATR where you can read more at this link Where to Place Your Stop Loss

Full screen is better

This should give you a good idea of trend-trading and how detrimental it can be to trade against the trend. There is actually no earthly reason why you should go against the flow, why not just wait until you have that edge? Where the chances of a successful trade are so much better?
I understand that being stuck at the screen can often lead to stupid trades, been there and done it. But, as we often shout from the rooftops at Black Dog, ‘patience and discipline.’
Those 3 superb tools will help you with your patience and discipline.
Yes, we have other tools to help us with the trends, and where we should enter, and how to manage the trade, etc… but the main objective over all others is to go with the flow. Then, once in the trade, to manage it with the ATR and other tools that we have.
No more waffling…
Please let me know if the slides were helpful to you in any way. If so, we’ll crack on with some more..!!


  • Roy Potts


    Good slides, Dave, and always useful.
    They stick well, in the noddle, and actually show where the patience bit is so important. I had none for 6 years.

  • Ruengtham Chudej


    Slides make it much easier for me to understand. Thank you, Dave.

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