A little, a very little, about me…

Welcome to the Black Dog Forex website – where I hope to pass on a few trading skills to all those who join. Indeed, not only my skills but those of many others should you join us in our friendly Trading Room. This is where many of our members gather for their daily forex fix using Black Dog methods to gain a few pips from Mother Forex.

Originally from the North Yorkshire coast, I now live on the Costas in Spain. I may as well be trading in the heat as opposed to the wild and woolly weather of Yorkshire! Please don’t class me alongside all the other sites that show photos of a person trading his laptop on the beach with a pina colada close by and a Mercedes in the background. That isn’t me as I’m just a normal guy who loves to trade. Coming up to 15 years, maybe a bit more. I’d love to share my methods with you.
I’ve only met four ‘Dogs’ in the flesh while I have been in Spain but hope to meet many more. I suppose I am out on a limb here.
My background is in engineering with a variety of jobs starting at college to factory, offshore seismic, offshore platforms, power press maintenance, taxi-ing, supermarket manager to Health and Safety Advisor. A right mixture. But trading has never been far away. I quit working for some one else about ten years ago to concentrate on the Black Dog program and … here we are.
I live here in Spain with my partner Flor (Flordeliza) and two beautiful dogs Ashleigh and Rocky. I’ll try and dig a photo out from somewhere….
I play classical guitar a little with Agustin Barrios being my favourite composer – I do play a few of his pieces. I don’t play the trumpet so I will not blow my own here. Next is football (soccer, hate that word) which I watch on TV every Saturday night and, of course, I didn’t miss a minute of the last World Cup in Brazil. Or any World Cup for that matter since ’66. Going out for meals with a few glasses of wine is another past-time I enjoy.
2013-09-01 16.03.02
I searched and this must be the only photo which shows all four of us together!
Enjoying a fruit drink in the cool of the front terrace. Rocky is the black dog..!!
If you would like to join us you are most welcome (on the site!) where I can assure you of excellent support should you need it. I do like chatting with other traders on Skype, which is where we do the support usually. The Trading Room is better and we have e-mail too. Whatever is preferred.
I hope that you join us in trading the dogs but if not then please let me wish you all the best in your trading.