Black Dog Basic


“Make money – or make excuses; you cannot do both.” 

A Trading System for ANY market

I do hope you enjoy reading about our superb trading program which has, in fact, been traded for many years although it has only been available to the trading public since 2007. This should tell you that the methods work and the system is robust. We are here to stay whereas many programs from that time have long since disappeared. Hmmm…

  • Our friendly Trading Room is available to all members. Open from start of London session to late New York. Meet other traders from around the globe..!!
  • Our Support is second to none – email, Skype, Teamviewer. There is always someone to help.

The Best Forex Trading System?

Well, I think so – we have actually been around publicly for over seven years now, all those trading systems that came out at the same time seem to have disappeared! I wonder why. The Dogs have the win rate, the low drawdowns, the versatility and ease of use. Simplicity too. These are a few of the reasons why the Dogs have flourished. 98% of traders are losing – DON’T DO WHAT THEY DO. Put the Black Dogs on a chart and watch for the profits.

  •  Any time-frame can be used.
  •  Forex.
  •  Metals.
  •  Indices.
  •  Commodities…etc.
  •  We use Metatrader 4 charting software.

The main tenet of our program is simplicity, keeping those charts clear of all the rubbish indicators out there. You know, the ones that your broker loves you to have and use – cos he knows they don’t work and he wants you to use them. Bless him..!! I know it is very easy to keep adding this indicator and that indicator, before long you are staring at a pizza..!! Don’t give in to this losing mentality. If you can empty your head of what the vast majority of losing traders do, then you may have a chance. If everybody is doing it and losing . . then don’t do it. 

Easy to use Trading System

The Black Dogs are simply the black arrows placed on our charts by a special indicator, we trade only in the direction indicated by them.Should a Black Dog point down, then we would trade only with the red arrows. Should a Black Dog point up, then we would trade only with the blue arrows. How simple is that?That is the basis of Black Dog Basic and the trading system as a whole, we do use the same principles with all our methods  – Basic, MTF2, or Quick Fix. Of course we take other things into account but that is the basis of the method that has served me well for many years of trading. I will not trade any other method in this lifetime.

Trading Strategies that WORK

Here are two 15 min timeframe charts as this is my preferred period. ALL the Black Dog methods work on ANY timeframe you choose. The USDCAD and the EURJPY below show the Black Dogs and the SES (blue and red arrows) in action.





Currency Trading System 

That’s about as easy as it gets though – we DO take other things into account, eg news announcements amongst other things. We also have other indicators to help us make our decisions. We do have losses, unfortunately they are part of trading life and there is no way of eliminating them, but these are well under control. We also have ways and means of entering shortly after a Black Dog to ensure that we make the most of a trend. All in all – it’s a grand system..!!

Most traders try to fish for the tops and the bottoms, to get the most out of a move. Most also overtrade in the attempt. These are the ones who will lose their accounts in the long term. Black Dog, if used properly, will eradicate those tendencies. It gets you trading with the trend and finding the best or least riskier entries for you. Let’s face it – all trading is a risky game..!!

The Black Dog and SES signals are very clear and unmistakable. Apart from the SES signals, we have our main method of entry which is fully explained within the manuals to ensure that we do not miss any good moves. We also have our main confirming indicator to make sure that we trade with confidence. Stop sizes differ for each trade and currency pair. The setting of your stop is most important and we discuss this at length in the manual. The regularity of these trades means that you are occupied constantly.

Flat markets can be a problem for most systems but with the Black Dog Program the drawdowns are small by comparison. The plan is to develop your understanding of our system slowly but surely, and to ensure your trading is not going off at half cock..!! The whole  idea is to get rich slowly — not the opposite. Our bywords are Patience, Discipline, and Simplicity.

Our Trading Room 

This is where traders from all around the globe get together to trade the markets, from London open to New York close(ish) – calling and suggesting trades or asking opinions on likely set-ups.

We are traders at Black Dog Forex – we are not marketers or salesmen only after your money, neither are we gamblers – we have no sales techniques like flashing lights, dancing girls, or bells and whistles on our site. We don’t use the array of CD’s that you see spread out, or ‘buy now’ time limits, even the price slashes (they must think we are all stupid). We hope that you will join us but if not then that is ok and we wish you all the best in your trading.

Our hope is that you become a valued member and enjoy all that we, as a group, offer.

Here are a few questions that appear very frequently.

What is the the level of difficulty of your system? By that, I mean to ask how difficult is it to use bearing in mind that I’m an inexperienced trader?

In my experience, which now spans almost 15 years, I’ve traded complicated and I’ve traded very complicated, but NOTHING beats the simple methods of approaching the markets. The Black Dog System is simple and easy to understand, it can be learned and applied in two short hours. Obviously, more time spent studying the system will increase your confidence in its use. Once the Black Dog is fully understood then the MTF2 and BDQF will need your full attention.

There is absolutely nothing within our program that is difficult. The most difficult part is actually in YOUR head and understanding the fact that simplicity is king. Once you have your charts set up, the system tells you when to trade. What could be simpler? I know lots of experienced traders who prefer to trade the Black Dog on account of its simplicity and ease of use.

How do you trade the Black Dog System yourself?   

The Black Dog System can be traded on any timeframe but here I must confess to a little patience problem! I cannot sit at the computer all day, I like to make my profits in as short a time as possible and then do other things.

So, I trade the London open using the 15 minute timeframe and look for 20 pips per trade. The system usually gives at least one trade per day per currency pair, usually more. As I have the Black Dog System set up on 4 pairs, then that could be 4 signals + per day. I look to trade three or four of those signals and that is enough for me. With a greater than 75% hit rate, I’m very happy with that thank you very much.

Most system vendors offer bonuses. Why not you?

Well, to be frank, the very low cost of the system is a bonus in itself which you could very rapidly recoup in just one trade. Most bonuses from other vendors are e-books that are readily available on the internet for free anyway and, incidentally, can be obtained on this website in the members area (we have a ‘Free Stuff’ section) – a whole page of them.

The best bonus we can offer you is permanent support. All contact details are included. Just to recap: our site has plenty of free downloads, a library, quite a few other trading systems from our members, trading room, Skype sessions with myself and other senior members using a screen-sharing tool, e-mail support, non-Black Dog indicators, and lots of other trading relating goodies. ALL at no extra cost. If this isn’t a free bonus, I don’t know what is..!! 

What software do you personally use?

This is the good part. We use FREE real-time charting software from MetaTrader and so can you. This can save you anything up to $150 per month which MORE than pays for the system itself and you could regard this as another bonus! There is nothing else to buy. Also, don’t forget, the audio alarms call you to the computer screen whenever an SES or a Black Dog arrow appears. This is great if you are doing other work.

It gets even better! This is the Standard method of entry, there are three other equally profitable means of entry using the Black Dog System. This ensures that NO trades are missed and the profits keep rolling in.


After eleven years I have finally found the system for me, no more trying, testing, tweaking, altering, backtesting, forward testing, losing, or searching for that elusive profit-making cash machine. No more system-hopping too.

At last, I can concentrate on making a steady income stream from my trading.

You can waste eleven years of your precious time searching, or you can jump the queue and let the Black Dog Trading System do for you what it’s doing for me, my team, and lots of other Black Dog traders around the world. I could show you chart after chart but you get the picture…!!

Well, if you are not convinced by now that the Black Dog will take your trading, and your account, to new higher levels, then I don’t know what will. Don’t forget that I am no salesman, I don’t have the gift of the gab! I, and the Black Dog team, are traders. Period. If you want to trade with like-minded people, then join us now. If your account is suffering then you need the Black Dog.


Whatever, and however, you want to trade, the Black Dog will deliver. Yes, there are days when drawdowns occur and this has to be expected. It is a fact of trading life. No system is infallible. The beauty of the Black Dog is how it keeps those drawdowns to a minimum thus preserving capital, the first law of trading.

Don’t forget that full support comes as standard; e-mail, chat, or Skype. Full details of contact information are enclosed within the manual, someone is always available from the London open ’til late (UK time).

We are also very lucky to have some very experienced traders and programmers on board our Black Dog forum. This should be the place for all your answers to any trading or Metatrader problems. You never trade alone!


I really wish there was something like this when I first started..!!

Become part of the Black Dog family now and begin your new forex journey.


Important::This is NOT a fly-by-night $97 buy-and-bin trading system that you forget almost immediately. You will become a valued member of a scam-free website and Trading Room that will look after you in your trading if you so wish. We operate differently, we do not take the money and run.


The Black Dog is a FRIENDLY site. We are a no scam, no spam site



We look forward to seeing you on the Black Dog Trading Room. 

This only leaves me to thank you for taking the time to read about our great program. I really do hope you decide to join the Black Dogs – – – and your stay with us is pleasant and profitable.
Until the market opens …..