Best Forex Signal Service

Best Forex Signal Service

Well … probably.

Introducing a new service

which started this month (October) for Black Dog members, at this present time it is only BD members who are able to join probably the best forex signal service around.

Can’t get to the charts during the best trading times??

Job getting in the way of your trading??

Struggling with your trading??

It is in fact a trade copier service which copies the trades of SuperTrader and places the same trades onto your MT4 with your broker. You have total control over lot size – and with stop sizes and target prices too if you so wish, although these are all set for you. 

“I joined two days ago and my account is up 6% already” – S

For those Black Dog members who are interested, please check out your dashboard on this website as you must be logged in to view the details.

“You’re missing out, up £433 over two days since I went live” – P

A Great Deal

We have worked very hard to thrash out a great deal with SuperTrader for our members, the result? – a MA$$IVE 30% reduction in the monthly subscription.

This is not to be sniffed at, as one trade alone may pay for this.

The results are impressive too, at an average of around 20% per month. The daily average is approaching 1% compared to your ever friendly bank that pays you around 1% per YEAR..!! Hmm – no thanks…

September’s gain was 20.78%

Current Winning Trade Percentage = 71.17%

Forex Signal Service

Not a Black Dog Member? Want the best forex signal service?

Don’t worry.  Sad_face-3

There’s a way to get Black Dog for FREE..!!

We will have a link for non-BD members at a later date but there cannot be the 30% reduction, so why wait?

Join Black Dog and with the great deal that we have hammered out you will technically be getting Black Dog free of charge.

That’s right.

The great deal of 30% saving will, within four or five months, have paid for Black Dog. So you end up with a fantastic strategy, a great trading community, AND the best forex signal service, well I think so…

All three are delivering the goods. Be a good idea to join the Dogs pronto..??

Don’t forget to look for the SuperTrader on the dashboard when you login.

I’ll keep you updated with monthly posts but if you have any questions please feel free…

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