“95% lose: Do what everyone else does – you’ll get what everyone else gets.” 

Welcome to our BDQF method.

The BDQF is a beautiful method on its own merit – copied by many a pirate, and not very well. Although they do give you something we do not, we have learned that they usually attach a virus with the downloads, but we cannot help the poor people involved. Please be careful.

This was designed primarily for our newer members but many have taken it on board and trade nothing else. Simplicity in its finest form. Personally, I trade our BDQF for the majority of the time but often spend a week or so with the MTF2 because of the ease of use and unambiguous signals. Clearly a winner.

The best way to describe our BDQF is with a few charts and there are several below – all the following charts show the particular Friday close of market and the signals generated either during that trading day, or, as in the longer time-frame charts, the preceding two or three days.

Please note that with the BDQF there are no Black Dogs..!!  Only Green (long) arrows or Red (short) arrows. This is to make it easier for our newer members but we do have other confirming indicators for our signals.

BDQF, for me, is the best system on the planet – I love it..!! The clearest chart, unambiguous signals, dead simple, deadly.

We mention the fact all the time, but traders still persist in adding superfluous rubbish to their charts – it is NOT needed with ANY Black Dog method. It only causes confusion when there is already enough presented by Mother Forex. We still see it in the Trading Room. It would be a very good idea to unlearn all the rubbish gleaned from cheap systems which obviously didn’t work or you would not be here. Am I right?


Thank you for reading about the Black Dogs. Joining our great community will certainly help you in your trading. Never trade alone again. Our Trading Room is at your service on becoming a member but later in the course when you know what you are doing. There are people from all around the globe all trading the currency markets, indices, and oil, which seems to be the flavour of the month at the moment, we tend to help each other in our strategies and methods. 

We used to have all the manuals and information available at once but found that this was counter-productive as people just overloaded, it is recommended that all new members follow the suggested plan that we have in place now, module by module. It is so much easier to learn and study with a regular and constructive course that aims at one thing only – to get you trading profitably.

Why have a BDQF? Well, we have our original BD, MTF1, MTF2, and MTF3..!! It was decided that this was just too much. Information overload. MTF1 and MTF3 have been shelved with info incorporated into the program with no loss of performance.

Friday’s charts of the QF?

I won’t waffle on but just let the charts do the talking.

The following charts only show one of our indicators for clarity. Have no illusions about how good these methods are. Most of the charts below show close of play on a Friday, they were not cherry-picked. I do not actively trade all of those shown below as I like to concentrate on only two or three. Nevertheless, they show good areas of entry and I say ‘areas’ because at Black Dog we DO NOT trade indicators. We look for a specific entry situation after the alerts have dragged us to a particular currency pair. I generally trade the 15 minute time frame but we have a selection down below for you. Here’s the GBPCHF M15:


Big news affected Cable below too – I tend to stand aside when these news announcements are looming as I have been caught out too many times trying to predict or anticipate moves. Better to just let the system work for you.


The Black Dogs (any system) work on any time frame and trading vehicle but the Daily chart of the EURCHF below is too slow for my patience. I suppose I am a scalper at heart. But there are many traders who do prefer the higher time frames – those at work, for instance, or with other commitments.

Just out of curiosity, on the second of the two signals on the EURCHF above there were actually over 500 pips in the move. There was then a retrace followed by a further drop of well over 1300 pips. I must take another look at this Daily time frame..!!

We have a EURJPY chart next, of the H4 time frame – again, too slow for me but ok for some. Only two signals on this chart as the previous down signals were invalid due to our other confirmers. That is no problem as we cannot expect to trade every signal.


The H1 time frame (1 hour) is the same as any other – with plenty of valid signals. It’s up to you how you approach tackling the problem. This was the only valid signal on this particular Friday which came at around midday GMT.


The Dow Jones Index is another one that I trade regularly but not on the H1 as shown next. If your broker provides indices then it’s worth having a look at the Dow.


Carrying on with the theme of showing the regular time frames we now have a 30 minute chart of the EURUSD showing three signals. Now, just to describe the way I trade for a mo (assuming I did the 30 minute) – the third signal would not have tempted me as the news announcement was still in play. The effects of it were obviously rejected and price returned to pre-news levels. I stand well aside during this volatility.

The second signal does not come into play either as I would have already been in the trade from the first signal before the second signal arrived. Remember, we do not enter on these signals – they tell us that something is happening and we then have to make a decision. Here’s the chart:


We do not have many in our Trading Room who are enamoured with trading Gold – but some do and they do well. Personally I never did do well with it and stay with my two currencies and the Dow. Next, we have a 5 minute chart:


Here’s another H1 chart this time of Brent showing two decent signals. I won’t comment further.


I’d better close the charts with a M1 one minute time frame. Personally, I believe this time frame is for losers – and I’m one of them. Just too fast for me as I cannot get my trading brain in sync with that speed. Put me onto the M15 time frame and it’s a totally different story. Horses for courses.


The BDQF was originally sold as a separate system, but we decided to incorporate it all within the course. Everything included. You show faith in us by joining our program – we try to reciprocate in providing all the assistance we can. But please bear in mind that we like to trade too. We now have many members who give up their own time in helping others to become better traders. Our Trading Room is very very friendly and we have the occasional banter when the markets are quiet. It sure beats staring at the charts all day on your lonesome.

Thanks for reading about our excellent program.

We hope that you join us in trading the Dogs but if not then please let me wish you all the best in your trading.