100 trading do's and don'ts

BUMPER e-book of Trading Do’s and Don’ts

There are plenty of red flags when it comes to trading forex, or any trading for that matter. Red flags in the sense of things you should try to avoid doing, or things that you should make every effort to actually do. Over the years there have been some excellent cliches such as ‘trade with the trend’ and ‘trade only with money you can afford to lose’ or ‘risk only x% of your account’. These cliches have stood the test of time for a reason. Because they make good sense.

100 Trading Do’s and Don’ts is packed with little gems that you should definitely be aware of if you trade regularly and, if put into practice, may make you into a better trader. I certainly hope so.

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This e-book has actually been in my head and on bits of paper for about five years, starting out as a small list of things that I needed to work on. I’ve been slowly adding to it over time with what you see now. I finally decided that instead of a blog post it would be better as an e-book that can be referred to whenever you wish. You might even add to the list when you encounter a problem and sort it out yourself.

Pinpointing your mistakes is the first step in eradicating them. Hopefully, this e-book will help in that respect by pointing you in the right direction. Treat your trading as a business, make business decisions, construct your plan, keep away from forums, and you are well on your way. In fact you will be ahead of 90% of traders who treat trading as nothing more than a video game.

Please let me know below what you think, and if there should be additions made. For sure, there will be other problems that traders endure.

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