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    Well this is a bit of an eye opener.
    I wish I had joined Black Dog a couple of years ago; it would have saved me a lot of heartache, and no doubt a lot of money.  Mind you, if I hadn’t gone through the difficult times, I probably wouldn’t have realized how good your stuff is. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the next modules. John.

    Boy oh boy oh boy! I’m at Mod 7 so far but the titbit in Mod 1 would have saved me thousands. You know what I mean Dave… Many thanks multiplied many times from this renewed trader. Terry C

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Black Dog Program Course Contents

A Step-by-Step Course For Serious Traders

Module 1 – Black Dog Basic (First day)

Learn the basic Black Dog concepts to take forward into our other methods, a step by step guide to… Getting started, Time frames and intra-day, Building our charts, Introducing the Black Dogs, The SES, Main indicator, Entries, Exits, Downloads. PLEASE take your time with this opening module. EVERYONE must start with this module where it leads nicely into the following modules and gives a base to build upon.

Module 2 – MTF2

Slowly adding to our knowledge of Black Dog with the MTF2, another excellent system – plenty of chart examples within MTF2 (part 1) again building the charts, MTF2 (part 2) trade direction and the logical place to enter trades, many examples of MTF2 in action, extras, and taking things a little further. The MTF2 generates more signals but still using the same concepts as the previous module. 

Module 3 – Black Dog Trends

Learn how we identify the Black Dog Trend – NOT the ‘official’ trend. Building up our knowledge now as we are starting to really understand how Black Dog works with these next four modules. Every trader needs to know the trend, Identifying the trend, the indicators used, the arrows, a custom built indicator to tell us which way to trade until the next signal, time frames, forum quotes, lots of other info.

Module 4 – The HiLo

Discover how we always make those entries at the right price and at the right place. Entering your trades at the optimum point for success makes all the difference. We use the Hilo for a better chance of success but also to ensure our losses are small. Learn how we use the Hilo, and not just for entries. What is the Hilo, Types of Hilo, Explained using many examples, candle types, news, etc.

Module 5 – Our Trading Tools

Understanding your trading tools is of paramount importance as we delve deeper into the Black Dog way of trading. ALL our trading tools explained with many chart examples. Metatrader also has many tools, do we know how to use them? We need to fully understand what our tools are and how to use them to help us in the battle with Mother Forex. Study carefully as this is a very important module.

Module 6 – Managing Trades

Step by step instructions on managing trades. As the title suggests – Trade Management, NOT what the losers employ, ie, Money Management. The tools you should use in every aspect of your trade management –  trailing, flat markets, BD Order Manager, lot size or stake size, Hilo’s, and other good stuff. Increase your hit rate with some good little tips and tricks. Need to concentrate here…..!!

Module 7 – Library

This is worth the cost of Black Dog alone! Take a break from trading occasionally and download our many trading books and articles. Keep your trading honed with plenty of reading.

Module 8 – Your Trading Plan

Probably the most important module – but many will not complete it. Learn how to build your own trading plan customisable by YOU, for YOU. A favourite quote – “You have a choice: you can either methodically follow a written plan, or fail.” There is no other option.

Module 9 – BDQF Type 1

Highly recommended. This is my personal favourite trading method in the entire universe, and beyond. Crisp clear charts with unambiguous signals provides for great trading. In a simpler form, this method was once used as a ‘starter’ method for our beginners but has rapidly evolved into, … well, my main method, at least. We use BDQF slightly differently to the others but all is revealed here. Used by many ‘Dogs.’

Module 10 – BDQF Types 2 & 3

Here we can take a more in-depth look at BDQF and take your trading to yet another level with many examples and with many reminders on what we have learned about trading Black Dog from the previous modules and applying it to this method. If you like simplicity with great signals this is the one, this is the module for you. BDQF is for the more ‘seasoned’ trader who has applied what has been learned in the previous modules. Plus, from here you may enjoy the company of traders just like yourself from all over the globe. By now you will have an excellent grasp of the Black Dog way of trading so why not trade with other Black Dog traders? Our Training & Trading Room is the place to be. Described with screenshots and an invitation to join us. Flat markets produce a little banter between us or we discuss other subjects. Whatever you want – it is YOUR room…

Module 11 – More modules to come…


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JJoin Black Dogoin Black Dog Forex Full membership – the content of each module is automatically released every seven days from date of joining, or monthly. Whichever Option you have chosen. This is a blessing in disguise as it ensures continued and steady progress as opposed to having to suffer being overwhelmed with information overload thereby having to retrace your steps every few weeks.

The Black Dog is such a simple system but we do have rules to keep us on the right track. You will always have access to the modules so there is no panic and no rush to go through them – work at your leisure and at your own pace. Content CANNOT be released early, everything is set in a logical order to give you the full benefit of this superb system.

“I only wish I had something like this when I first started trading..!!”

All members must start with Black Dog Basic Module 1 and progress through the course at seven or thirty day intervals. Modules are released automatically from when you join. There is no need to mail us.

BDQF is my personal favourite method because of its simplicity and ease of use, it is included later in the course, it is not available as a stand-alone course. Should you complete the course up to Module 11, your access to this website and your course content is never in doubt and is continual for as long as you require access (unless the site is down through no fault of ours). 

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We pride ourselves on the timely support that we provide to you, and have thus far earned a solid reputation in that department. ALL your e-mails are answered in a timely friendly manner with as much info as possible.

 Quicker access to material

TherJoin Black Doge are some members who wish to travel faster than the intervals mentioned above and that is understandable as some of us do learn more rapidly than others. I must quickly add that this is not possible due to the workings of the site.

In fact, we used to have all the information available at once on our old forum which, I’m sorry to say, was the biggest mistake ever. It simply caused too much confusion with info-overload with many members not really learning and studying in a controlled and progressive way. What we have now has addressed that problem.

Join Black Dog Forex and you will be trading in a logical and controlled manner IF you stick with it. IF you take the information on board. IF you make the effort. And IF you can follow simple rules. Seven/thirty days is actually too short to study the modules but we have gone with it.

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