100 trading do's and don'ts

BUMPER e-book of Trading Do’s and Don’ts

There are plenty of red flags when it comes to trading forex, or any trading for that matter. Red flags in the sense of things you should try to avoid doing, or things that you should make every effort to actually do. Over the years there have been some excellent cliches such as ‘trade with…

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Should I Use The Trailing Stop?

Hmmm, the much maligned trailing stop. Do we use it? If so, how do we use it? They say that if you stand back and look in the mirror, then what you see is the product of all the decisions you have ever made in your life. Granted, some of them will have been made…

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Black Dog

3 Superb Tools We Use Every Day

Any good website that has trading the markets as its main theme will talk about trading with the trend. And rightly so. Use our 3 superb tools and you will not be be placing your account under immense strain by trading against the trend. 3 Superb Tools In this post we’ll mention 2 of the 3…

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Trend Trading: 3 Ways To Trade The Trend

How do YOU identify the trend? Here at Black Dog we have 3 ways to identify the trend and keep us trading WITH the majority of other traders AND where the money is going. Certainly not against them.

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Keep It Sweet and Simple

KISS – Keep It Simple but Sweet

Everyone but everyone keeps saying that phrase above but how many actually follow its advice? It’s a phrase that everyone knows – but few unfortunately follow. In forex, it is a MUST that it is practiced without fail. The problem however is that everyone wants the next latest and greatest indicator because of that ‘Holy…

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